would it hurt a baby if

jessica asked:

I have a situation here. I was making a mosaic of tiny tiles on wooden coasters, and I wanted to make them stick without having to buy the $10 adheasive, so I bought super glue since the tiles are so tiny anyways. Well, when I opened the bottle and popped the seal, to my surprise it exploded on BOTH my hands!! Well I didn’t know what to do besides nail polish remover.
Well, when I was using the polisher remover to remove the super glue, I kinda wiffed a bit of it because it was on both my hands and I was concentrating to get it off and I didn’t realize I was right next to my hands. When I was done also, (So Dumb! I know…) I accidently licked my finger and wow that was disgusting.
I wanted to know if the smell and accidental licking of my finger of the nail polish remover might hurt my baby (I might be pregnant) ?

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