Super Glue Removal

Super Glue does a fantastic job and forms incredibly tight bonds on just about anything and this is very effective until you need to try and remove it.

Super Glue Removal can be a tricky job especially when it is on something awkward such as the skin. There are two different ways to get super glue removal done quickly and easily.

They are to use nail varnish remover or a specialist Super Glue Remover.

Nail varnish remover is used because it contains a substance called acetone. This actually dissolves the adhesives in super glue.

However, anybody who intends to use nail polish remover needs to check the label to make sure that it contains acetone. Many of the manufacturers are now actually producing remover without acetone. This is due to the growing popularity of acrylic nails. The action can actually interfere with the acrylic nails and cause them to come loose.

If people try super glue removal with a remover that does not contain acetone it won’t work. Acetone can also potentially cause damage or discoloration to certain types of fabric and some work tops and surfaces.

It’s for these reasons that we always recommend to people use specialist removers for super glue removal. These are safe to use on all different types of surfaces including skin. They are really cheap to buy and work quickly and effectively as well.

However, if people insist on using an acetone-based product such as the nail polish remover, then they should really make sure to test it out first on a small portion of the surface that they need to perform the super glue removal on.

It is also sometimes recommended that people use other substances or liquids for super glue removal. For example, lighter fluid and alcohol are sometimes suggested.

Not Recommended for Super Glue Removal

We don’t believe that using these particular types of liquid is a good idea. Firstly they can have a bad effect on certain surfaces and they are also flammable and which means that they can be dangerous for a person to use, especially when there are other much more suitable alternatives.

It does of course go without saying that when people are working with substances like super glue they should do so in an environment that has the proper ventilation, to prevent any possible risk from the fumes.

There are some great deals to be had on the internet for super glue remover and other super glue removal products, just take a look around at the different options to find the best ones.

Super Glue Remover